Mobiclean are specialised in the art of glass cleaning. Domestic, commercial, industrial, if you’re in Co. Waterford/ South East, we have the equipment and know how to take on any job no matter the size. Give us a Call today for a quote!

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Here at Mobiclean we use ‘deionised’ (pureified) water to clean your windows, which means no leftover streaks or marks.

Mobiclean uses a high reach water fed telescopic lance, this means no window is out of reach and no time is wasted.

All of mobiclean's additives are environmentally friendly.

Who are Mobiclean you ask?

Mobiclean are Waterford’s go-to cleaning Specialists. Cleaning the windows of the people of Waterford is just one of the many professional services Mobiclean provide. Mobiclean has been working in Waterford for the last 20 years and has no intention of stopping any time soon. Mobiclean is a family run business, born and bred in Waterford City and County with a great love for the Viking City.

Our Window Cleaning Process:

Here at Mobiclean we take pride in cleaning glass and believe that it can be defined as a somewhat art form when done correctly. For this reason Mobiclean – Waterford’s cleaning specialists – has a vast array of different tools and methodologies to tackle any window, no matter the size, style or location. Mobiclean’s Window cleaning vans are fully equipped with all the necessities. For example, we use ultra light and effective carbon fiber telescopic lances, fed with de-ionized water to reach even the highest or most awkward windows imaginable, not only this but the de-ionized water ensures there are no streaks or unwanted marks leftover.

De – Ionized Window Cleaning:

De – Ionized window cleaning was a revolutionary step in the entire glass cleaning world and Mobiclean are using this very same technology to clean the windows of Waterford. Essentially how this system works is, regular water which contains impurities is fed through a cylinder containing a specialized resin, resulting in the end product (water) being completely pure and free from any unwanted impurities which could result in the streaking of the glass. We find this system highly effective.