Carpet Cleaning

And yes that includes Rugs! If you’re looking for carpets cleaned in Waterford Mobiclean will not disappoint! Give us a call today and get a quote.

Wet/ Dry Vacuum

Our machines are dual engine wet/ dry capable, meaning there's not much we cant clean!

Carpets/ Rugs/ Furniture

Stairs and landing, 3 piece suites, old fashioned rugs, carpet tiles, you name it we'll clean it!

We Come to You!

Mobiclean has mobile vacuum units fitted, therefore we come to you avoiding the hassle of dropping off and collecting! Servicing the people of Waterford.

Who we are?

Mobiclean are Waterford’s carpet cleaning specialists. We have been servicing the people of Waterford for the past two decades and carpet cleaning is for sure one of our most popular requests. This is simply because Mobiclean – Waterford’s cleaning specialists – have the equipment and know how to take on any carpet or rug, no matter the size, age, style or design. 

We have you in mind! 

Mobiclean wishes to make it as easy as possible for the people of Waterford to have their delicate rugs cleaned, therefore we offer a pick up and drop off service for rugs, whereby we collect your precious rug, bring it back to our workshop where its cleaned to the highest of standards and then dropped straight back to you! Of course our mobile unites also carry everything necessary for the cleaning of internal carpets, sofas, stairs/ landings and mattresses. Call us today for a quotation.

Mobiclean – Domestic, Commercial, Industrial

Mobiclean offer this specialised service to the domestic, commercial and industrial population of Waterford. Weather its a small bungalow’s three piece suite, a restaurant’s buffet carpet or an office’s carpet tiles Mobiclean are the company to call!


Your Fabric is Delicate.

Cleaning carpets or any fabric in that manner must be done with extreme precision and acute know how, if this is not the case a fabric can be damaged beyond repair. This is why Mobiclean use  the correct detergents and pre spotters to ensure the integrity of the material.